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What Does the Word Sustain Mean in Court

What Does the Word Sustain Mean in Court

Duhozanye has the land and the needs, but he lacks the $300,000 it will cost to build and maintain. To maintain a claim or idea is to maintain it as valid, just or just. How is sustain different from maintaining, supporting, or maintaining synonyms? Find out on Thesaurus.com. Previously, in the Jurassic and Cretaceous, dinosaurs roamed Antarctica because the increase in volcanic activity in the absence of these mountain ranges maintained carbon dioxide levels at 1,000 parts per million, up from 415 ppm today. The rules of evidence govern what can and cannot be taken into account when the jury decides the outcome of a case. While there are many rules of proof, they can usually be reduced to a few principles: these are the very evils you wanted to overcome, not help maintain. v. in trial practice, when a judge agrees that a question asked of a witness is offensive. Thus, a lawyer asks the witness a question, and the opposing lawyer disagrees, stating that the question is «irrelevant, unimportant and incompetent», «leading», «argumentative» or any other objection. If the judge agrees, he will decide to «maintain», which means that the objection will be maintained (approved) and the question cannot be asked or answered. However, if the judge finds the question correct, he or she will «cancel» the objection.

The ability to maintain tone for a long time will increase, and with it the strength of the trained muscles. Of course, Russia`s economic ability to maintain its expansionism is questionable. A judge can rule in two ways: he or she can either «annul» or «uphold» the objection. If an appeal is overturned, it means that the evidence is duly admitted in court and the trial can continue. If an objection is upheld, the lawyer must restate the issue or address the issue with the evidence to ensure that the jury hears only the duly admitted evidence. Theoretically, the jury should even ignore the wrong question, although it can be difficult. Those who are required to maintain life and maintain decency, among other things, to maintain them in their social state. In some countries, officials worry not only that Facebook and Google are absorbing much of the advertising dollars that have supported journalism, but also about the types of articles that are shared.

The idea is that prices will only face sustained upward pressure if the economy consumes all its resources – including labor. When a lawyer says «objection» to the court, he tells the judge that he thinks his opponent has violated a rule of procedure. The judge`s decision determines what the jury can consider when deciding on the verdict of a case. We try to earn enough for food to feed our households. In the context of appellate practice, when a court upholds a judgment of a lower court, it leaves it intact rather than setting it aside. The Court of Appeal may confirm, set aside, refer the judgment back to the court of first instance or partially set aside and partially confirm the original judgment. Whenever a marriage can be set aside for illegality and it is not, it will support its dowry after his death. She was therefore willing to keep her role in the drama that Routemberg brought to the Carpet. How long can they maintain this momentum without falling victim to the same traps as almost every other long-running series? A winning team can fill the stadium, but you need this full stadium to get the best rookies and get wins.

To continue; to be maintained. Affirm, confirm or approve, as if an appellate court were upholding the decision of a lower court. Grant, as if a judge maintained an objection to testimony or evidence, he or she agrees with the objection and gives effect to it. Before this hour, the Girondins had wanted to support the throne and surround it only with free institutions. They welcomed me and helped me support me in the following days. An objection is important for the procedure, even if it is rejected. As soon as a lawyer objects to evidence, that objection is placed on the record. If the lawyer does not agree with the judge`s decision, he or she can appeal the decision.

If the lawyer has not challenged the evidence, he or she will lose the right to appeal, even if the evidence has not been properly admitted. This website is protected by reCAPTCHA and Google`s privacy policy and terms of use apply. Learn more about FindLaw`s newsletters, including our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. For more information, see FindLaw Litigation. Created by FindLaw`s team of legal writers and writers | Last updated June 20, 2016. The e-mail address cannot be subscribed. Please try again.. .

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