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When Turkey Agreement 2023

When Turkey Agreement 2023

In addition to Turkey`s role in Libya, Syria and Iraq, Turkey won an additional victory from its own point of view when Armenia handed over massive parts of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan, Turkey`s ally. The areas south of Syria and Iraq in the Arabian Peninsula, which remained under Turkish control when the Mudros Armistice was signed on October 30, 1918, were not explicitly mentioned in the text of the treaty. However, the definition of Turkey`s southern border in Article 3 also meant that Turkey had officially ceded it. These areas included yemen`s mutawakkilite kingdom, Asir, and parts of the Hejaz River such as the city of Medina. They were held by Turkish troops until January 23, 1919. [18] [19] Turkey can claim its territory over Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Cyprus and the Levant. Turkey can also claim its right to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. After World War 1, Mustafa Kemal Pasha put Islam aside. He banned the scarf and declared Turkey a secular state.

95% of The population of Turkey follows the religion of Islam. Tayyip Erdogan wants to restore Turkey`s status to Islam. Erdogan wants to rule the Muslim world and increase his influence in the Middle East. To this end, he took many steps, such as the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque. If Turkey gets the tutelage of Mecca and Medina, Tayyip Erdogan`s dream of leading the Muslim world may come true. It will not be an easy task for Turkey to remove Saudi Arabia`s tutelage over Mecca and Medina. And how do the current great powers handle Turkish demands? Will we see wars before 2023, and who will lead this change as the Bosphorus Strait controls trade around the world? Hundreds of ships cross this strait every day. This strait has been declared international.

Turkey cannot impose anything on ships. After 2023, Turkey will be able to levy taxes on ships crossing the Bosphorus. Turkey is planning a project to connect the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmora, the aim of which is to facilitate movement in the Bosphorus. Turkey is the 19th largest economy in the world with its $771.4 billion economy. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey will enter a new era after 2023. Experts say that Turkey will be included in the top 10 countries in the world after 2023. But the question arises, how will this be possible? What will happen in Turkey in 2023? Before you start our video, subscribe to our channel and tap on the bell icon. Here it is possible to strike a balance between the Lausanne II Treaties and the «Treaty of Nanking», which China ceded to Britain after the First Opium War by signing the Chenba Agreement, which aims to end the First Anglo-Chinese Conflict. In 1923, the agreement was ratified after several rounds. Given that the Treaty of Lausanne is so ingrained in the ideology of the Turkish state, it is not surprising that the plots about it are ideologically charged and vary depending on the political affiliation of the plotter. Erdogan`s critics tend to focus more on the risks Turkey will face when Lausanne expires. Secular conspiracy theorists have always feared that Erdogan will work with the European Union to establish an independent Kurdistan, or perhaps dig a new Bosphorus to secure access for US ships to the Black Sea, or really do something else to undermine the sovereignty that Atatürk has secured for Turkey.

In contrast, some of Erdogan`s supporters are more optimistic about the outcome of Lausanne, which is partly due to a variety of recent historical revisionism that suggests That Atatürk could have gotten a much better deal during the negotiations if he hadn`t colluded with the Europeans – not necessarily preserving the entire Ottoman Empire. but at least a little more Greek Thrace and perhaps the mosul oil fields. Where Atatürk once criticized the Ottoman sultan for failing to defend Turkish territory from Western aggression, Islamists have now borrowed this accusation to use against Atatürk. Vision 2023 is a list of goals published by the government of Prime Minister (now President) Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2010 and 2011 to coincide with the centenary of the Republic of Turkey in 2023. Turkey is waging proxy wars in the Middle East. Turkey`s military operation in Syria indicates the restoration of land once owned by Turkey. If Turkey succeeds in reconquering its country, it could revive the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan announced that Turkey will shape the future of the entire region when it reaches its goal in 2023. Do you think Turkey will make a real difference on the world map after 2023? Will Turkey become a world power after the fall of the Lausanne Treat? In September 1984, after years of negotiations, the British and Chinese signed a formal agreement that approved the island to China in 1997 in exchange for China`s promise to maintain Hong Kong`s capitalist system, and on july 1, 1997, Hong Kong was officially handed over to China at a ceremony attended by a number of Chinese and British personalities. The head of Hong Kong`s new government, Tung Chee Hwa, has established a policy based on the concept of «one country, two systems» that maintains Hong Kong`s role as a major capitalist center in Asia.

After defeating the Ottoman Empire in World War I, Britain, France, Italy and Greece divided Anatolia and colonized the territory that is now Turkey. However, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk reorganized the remnants of the Ottoman army and thwarted this attempt at division with skilful diplomacy and several years of war. Subsequently, the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923 recognized Atatürk`s victory and established the borders of modern Turkey. Lausanne then became part of the country`s founding myth. For a while, he even had his own party, Lausanne Day, when children were dressed in costumes depicting disputed regions of Anatolia for primary school performances. Turkey 2023 | What will happen in Turkey in 2023? | End of the Treaty of Lausanne in 2023| NSH This important deal is known as the Treaty of Lausanne, but with its release date in July 2023, it could set a precedent for Turkey to revive its former colonial ambitions. And by 2023, the treaty period that has elapsed for a hundred years will end, and here we understand Erdogan`s comments, as Turkey enters a new era and begins oil exploration and drilling of a new canal connected between the two Black Seas and Marmara in preparation for the collection of royalties from passing ships. In addition, Turkey can conquer its former Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, which were ceded to Greece under the treaty, which is why the maritime agreement that Egypt has concluded with its maritime allies, Greece and Cyprus, as well as the signing of the Cairo Declaration in 2014, have disrupted Turkish plans in the Mediterranean. .

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